I deal with all canine behaviour, including aggression to people and dogs. I am understanding & mindful of what an unsettling & difficult time it can be when you are having problems with your dogs behaviour, even seasoned dog owners can find themselves in this situation. It is reassuring to know that I have a fantastic record of success & can guide you through the process with experience & confidence.

  • Supply and review Pre-Consult questionnaire

  • Consultations take approximately 2 hours and usually take place at your home

  • Afterwards I complete a full comprehensive behaviour report (*) with assessment of the issues and my recommendations

  • I provide on-going remote support during the behaviour testing andassessment period

My quoted prices include this full service including travel within catchment area (I cover North Gloucestershire & South Worcestershire).

A deposit is required upon booking an appointment & the remainder can be split into instalments. (n.b. prices are quoted 'from' since in some instances some people request further one-to-one 'in person' support).

Behaviour reports whilst shared with a client for the purposes of guidance and assessment are copyright protected under English Law and remain the intellectual property of Claire Usen and must therefore not be shared with any 3rd party without the express agreement and written consent of the owner 

Behaviour (programme)

Issues (eg. Fears & Phobias)   

Deposit £35, 2hr  Consult, Assessment & Report  £60, Practical Application £30 x2   (Total £155)


Deposit £35, 2hr Consult, Assessment & Report £85, Practical Application  £50x2   (Total £220)

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